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The Look Of The Week

lundi 19 avril 2010 par Perrine Vautier

By Juliette DA COSTA and Marion JOUIN


Summer is coming up, and you don’t know how to get dressed, to be fashionable without being hot, to seduce without provoking. You also want some ideas and fashion advice for the party for the end of the year on 14th May. All these answers are in this column especially dedicated to summer 2010.


Before the party, you have to go shopping to find THE ideal dress. But to do so, you must be fashionable… Here is an example of a town dress :

This model is wearing a very simple top, slightly hippy. You can see this type of tops in every street of London ! With this top, the model is wearing shorts, which refers to the beach ! The sunglasses and the bag give an impression of holiday !


This evening you have to be perfect for the party of the year. So you are searching for the perfect dress, and we have found it for you !


This model is wearing a « smart » evening dress. It’s perfect for parties where you meet a lot of people. Indeed the model looks very smart, but sexy too. And her red stiletto heels match with this dress very well ! It’s the ideal dress for The Oscar Awards Ceremony !

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