Projet déconnexion avec les 1ES2 et 1STMG2

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Dans le cadre de la séquence "Connected !", les élèves de 1ES2 et de 1STMG2 ainsi que leur professeur d’anglais ont tenté l’expérience d’éteindre leurs téléphones portables pendant 24h. Afin de se déconnecter totalement, il a été également décidé de ne pas se servir de tablettes ou d’ordinateurs. Cette démarche avait pour objectif que chacun puisse prendre conscience de son degré de connexion.
Voici les retours d’expérience de chacun des groupes, in English of course !

  • Les élèves de 1ES2 - groupe 1 (14 élèves) We have tested our capacity to disconnect from our mobiles. The experience consisted of switching off our phones for 24 hours, from our Monday lesson to our Tuesday lesson. We had not to turn on our mobiles, use the Internet (on tablets or computers) nor even listen to music on our phones. To do that, we had to have the permission of our parents. On the whole, we were fine but 5 of us got bored and 2 of us didn’t try the experiment. We watched TV, we slept, read and did our homework. However, some missed their friends. 6 of us switched on again to call someone, warn about a cancelled bus or simply to be with friends again. In the end, disconnecting is possible but we need to keep some form of connection for specific situations. Victor Kolpakoff, Imane Laal, Floriane Lecointe, Constance Legros, Alban Morel, Hugo Paniagua, Hugo Quêtu-Bonjour, Axelle Rose, Jade Seneca, Kévin, Sinhingbe, Noémie Tabéty, Sofia Tahfi, Thomas Tostivint, Pierre Totain
  • Les élèves de 1ES2 - groupe 2 (14 élèves) In the English class, we did an experiment which consisted of switching our phones off and seeing how we felt about the experience. The objective was to see if we could live disconnected. We had to turn off our phones and computers for 24 hours and be totally disconnected from the Internet. Most of us felt fine but it was by obligation. However, 5 of us got bored. We particularly missed music and social networks. 8 of us switched on their phones during that time to use the alarm, call someone, listen to music or have football news. In the end, we went to bed earlier than usual, we were more efficient in our homework, we spent more time with family and pets and some of us read. We wouldn’t do the experiment again but it was a way to see our degree of connection. Léa Anton, Sirine Assaki, Séna Bilgin, Marion Bonna, Sarah Boulanouar, Badr Bouzerda, Adrien Carreira, Mégane Comlan, Colin Crasnier, Lauriane Derbise, Marie Dia, Marion Elley, Logan Fontaine, Chahinez Ghomari-Tani
  • Les élèves de 1STMG2 (18 élèves) In class, we decided to turn off our mobiles for one day to prove the importance of the mobile in our lives nowadays. The rules were simple. We had to keep our phones, tablets and computers turned off. However, we had to warn our parents but we weren’t allowed to tell it to our friends. Finally, we were allowed to watch TV. After 24 hours, 3 people in class remained totally disconnected and 7 people didn’t switch on their phones at all. We played football, we were with family or we visited our friends. We watched TV and read too. For most of us, the experience was difficult. Only one person sait that it had not been a problem. Indeed, We needed technology to work, to send messages and without technology, we were bored. We would not do the experience again because it was too difficult to be disconnected. Amine Alik, Firdaws Berkdich, Eyyûb Bilgin, Azat Bingol, Walid Elasri, Christian Engopembe, Corentin Fereire, Zaineb Fiaz, Sarah Hakki, Bastien Leconte, William Legoupil, Thomas Lhuillier, Ryan Moreira, Pauline Navier, Sarah Pelletier, Jarod Pham, Kelvyn Vespuce

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